5 Days Of Faith | Day 2 | The Story is Not Finished Yet


Sometimes we look back at our lives and doubt Gods faithfulness because we point to events in our life that we think God failed us, let us down or didn’t “work something out for good.” While we must acknowledge that we don’t know everything and there are things we may not fully understand until we meet him face to face I think we also sometimes wrongly assume the story is over. We think a time has passed that has not actually passed.

If anyone had an excuse to think God had not answered her promise it was Abrahams wife Sara. God promised her a son and she didn't get to see the fulfilment of that promise for 90 years! 90 years of wondering and waiting and what's more it had become physically impossible. For 90 years it would have appeared to her as though God had not fulfilled his promises but that was not true at 90 years old Sarah did have a son and became the mother of a great nation through him.

  If you really want to talk about a situation where someone had every right to believe a situation was too far gone take a look at 1 kings 17:22 Elijah is staying with a woman. They are out of food. Elijah promises her that if she donates her last bit of flour and oil to him they will not starve to death ...well the jar never runs out of flour but her son DIES! Not gets sick… not its looking bad …the diagnosis is positive. Hes dead! I’m sure she was calling Gods faithfulness into question, but Elijah raises him from the dead. I remember hearing a pastor say everyone thinks God always waits till the 11th hour but that not true he often waits way past what we would consider the 12th past what we believe is possible. This is not because God delays in answering but simply because our scope of his power is way too small so it sometimes feels that way to us.

When Christ was killed all of his followers would have had "hard evidence" that God had not done what he promised. Their thought process would have been as follows. “This king was supposed to do all these amazing things he hasn't done them yet and now he’s dead?? They would have thought that God did not fulfill his promise. but getting the amazing benefit of seeing this story from the future, we know the reason it appeared that way is that the story wasn't finished yet! Even death is not powerful enough to thwart Gods faithfulness. I also want to point out that god used the biggest evil that ever occurred… the crucifixion of the son of God and turned it into the redemption of all man kind.

In the same way I want to encourage you when it seams too late for a situation to be turned around it is also because YOUR story is not finished yet. You have so much to look forward too. You will look back at the beautiful tapestry of your life and see the tapestry masters beautiful design. His finger prints on your life making it all into something beautiful.